stress: 136/365

I’m back in munchkin land after only an hour and a half weather delay in Atlanta. And thanks to yesterday’s post, periodically today I’ve checked my shoulders, and yes, scrunched high. Then I’ve taken a breath and relaxed. On this road to truth … Continue reading

sunset: 132/365

Tonight I happened to notice, through the trees, that the sun was about to set, and I sat down and watched it slip into the ocean. Another good day done. ~  365 true things about me why this daily practice

candy: 125/365

This will be short and sweet. I love candy. More than fancy deserts or chocolates. More than ice cream. ~  365 true things about me why this daily practice

parenthood: 122/365

Riddle me this: With as ready as I was to no longer be a full-time parent, why do I love movies and TV shows about families–Parenthood, Life as a House, Dan in Real Life, Stepmom, Safe Passage, The Family Stone, “Parenthood,” “The Fosters”… … Continue reading