ruined: 107/365

Well they’re not ruined... but that’s what it felt like at first.

Right after I wrote the post yesterday, I had all my books spread out around me–on the sofa, on the floor, on the table–and I went to put my computer down on the table, except, because the screen was up, I couldn’t see my glass of sparkling water and I knocked it over on several books.

Each time this happens, although my initial feeling is that since the books are no longer perfect, they’re ruined, I try to combat that feeling by memorizing everything about the moment.

I was in Provincetown, in my favorite place to stay, I’d just finished a manuscript revision, just finished writing a post. It was evening, the tide was coming in.

And then each time I pick up those books in the future, instead of thinking ruined, I remember the moment…


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12 thoughts on “ruined: 107/365

    • BK, born of necessity. The spills and tears were killing me. I have actually bought new books because of it. Plus I was feeding the perfection monster. Now I’m making memories.


  1. I love this idea. My therapist says when a group of people see an event, they report varied sincere truths based on their physical and emotional view; she suggested that I imagine moving to a different mental corner for a different view of a circumstance in my life giving me pause. That’s what you’re doing here. It’s a powerful change.


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