done: 105/365

6:09 am yes, I'm bragging

6:09 this morning

My brain is fried.

But I’m finished with this draft. Will sleep on it and maybe fiddle with it in the morning, maybe not. And then off it will go to my agent.

I usually give myself all sorts of deadlines (as you’ve now witnessed), but for this draft, I let it take the time it took. And this week of reading out loud and finishing up was my only one.

I have to say, though, I’ve still got it. I can still meet a deadline.

And tomorrow, on to new subject matter and normal life.


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8 thoughts on “done: 105/365

  1. Yay!! Well done! And what a gorgeous morning photo.
    I am working on the third draft of my PhD thesis – your words give me hope, and, yes, I have been reading it aloud. Thank you.


  2. Thank you, Louise. I have to admit I was kind of bragging with the photo–I’m not usually up at that hour, but the sun pours in early here. Good luck with your thesis. The reading aloud is something, isn’t it? What is your subject?


  3. My goodness, brag away! For being up and out at that hour and for your photography skills and for having the energy after a marathon weekend of reading and polishing! I’m doing a practice based creative writng degree; I’ve written a thematically linked short story collection and in my critical commentary I’m exploring some of Alice Munro’s narrative strategies, especially her revision process. Or, as my sister jokes, the ‘student debt, no job’ degree, ha ha.


  4. Louise, I was up but not exactly out…photo from my window : ), And wow, wow, congratulations on writing the stories and pulling together a collection, and best of all you’re going to be a revision expert–just like me, but with an official degree!


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