aching: 104/365


Too much sitting, not enough moving. This morning my body hurt. I stretched, then I set the timer on my phone for an hour, and when it went off, I got down on the floor and stretched again. Then I reset the timer. At one, I went to run–thirty minutes of intervals.

The work today needed to be slow and careful. I needed to pay attention. Putting the changes in the computer presented yet more opportunities.

When I was an editor at Hunger Mountain, I asked certain writers for craft shorts–a little burst of craft. “On Revision: Pulling Up Widows” by Pam Houston came to mind today whenever I had three lines or less on the last page of a chapter. In those instances, I found something in the chapter to cut, so nothing would be left hanging in all that white space. Looking at the words this way gives you different eyes on your work.

Only seconds ago, I made it halfway. Tomorrow, the rest. I know I’m behind with comments and visits, but I look forward to catching up later in the week. Now, a glass of wine.


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