aisle: 101/365

My preference is an aisle seat (I get claustrophobic) except for the bulkhead (of course I like to keep my stuff under the seat in front of me). But yesterday on the flight from Atlanta to Boston, I got upgraded to first class–a window seat. I was reading, but by some miracle, I looked up and out my window just as we were flying by Cape Cod.


the east coast of Massachusetts with the arm of the cape jutting off


the long arm of the cape


if you look closely, you can just see the tip of the cape as it curls around


and there it is




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11 thoughts on “aisle: 101/365

  1. WOW – beautiful! I always choose a window seat, with all my things – usually in a small backpack (I wonder if the backpack is kind of a typical Scandinavian thing) – on the floor in front of me.


  2. What beautiful pictures, Cynthia 🙂 Glad you got to enjoy that! And I’d never seen what Cape Cod looks like ’til now. Much different than I’d imagined. I thought it was more “mainland” actually.


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