poetry: 99/365

IMG_2649Right off the bat, I should come clean with the fact that I love the slim volumes–there’s something so elegant about them. I read different poets for different reasons. I love Carl Phillips and Mary Oliver, to speak of two extremes. Rather than fiction or nonfiction, I read poetry

  • to be reminded how few words it takes
  • for the mood
  • to be unsettled
  • to start the day (not always)
  • to start my writing day (not always)
  • to be reminded to appreciate

Do you read poetry too?


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24 thoughts on “poetry: 99/365

  1. I love to read a few poems before I start my writing day- I’ve sort of gotten out of the habit and I’m glad to be reminded of this! I think I saw Jane Kenyon on your shelves- a favorite of mine.


  2. Poetry is central for me. Poetry was central for me as a child. With each year of my life, poetry grows more necessary than fiction or non-fiction, though I need those as well. Poetry has the cathartic power to reveal my feelings to me, to explain my feelings to me, to open new possibilities to me, to provide a door that opens into an aha moment, an explication of what was previously a sensation in my body, heart, mind, soul. Such power contained in so few words, with the particular weight of extraordinary line breaks that take you over an edge and then pull you back, is one of the best small, daily miracles.


  3. August
    Mary Oliver

    When the blackberries hang
    swollen in the woods, in the brambles
    nobody owns, I spend

    all day among the high
    branches, reaching
    my ripped arms, thinking

    of nothing, cramming
    the black honey of summer
    into my mouth; all day my body

    accepts what it is. In the dark
    creeks that run by there is
    this thick paw of my life darting among

    the black bells, the leaves; there is
    this happy tongue.


  4. Sorry, Cynthia. I was not clear in my comment. Am a bit muddled of late… 😉 What I meant to say is her fiction, indeed all of her writing, is poetic. I don’t know that she has written any poetry.


  5. I love the beauty of the language and the imagery, but I have trouble enjoying it when all the line breaks also break the flow. To me it always feels like a comma where it doesn’t belong : /


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