tulips in the snow: 95/365

Coming to you from Boulder, Colorado, at a Writing by Writers workshop taking place at the Colorado Chautauqua, where what I was most struck by today were the tulips in the snow. I’m not a gardener, but I love flowers, as in, in the house, and I especially love tulips. I was surprised to see them here, in the snow.

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10 thoughts on “tulips in the snow: 95/365

  1. Ah, you are experiencing springtime in the Rockies. I once knew it quite well. Your pictures remind me that for most of my life I knew the promise of tulips in snow. Enjoy!


  2. Weren’t you just at AWP? You have had full month of traveling! Welcome to Colorado, Cynthia. Yes… welcome to springtime in Denver/Boulder. You missed the 70+ degree days we had when those tulips came out. We welcome all this snow and rain though! Will you make it to Denver at all?


  3. Megan, yes, I was just at AWP. And I have still more traveling to go–headed to Provincetown next week. Thanks for the Colorado welcome. Just passing through Denver by way of the airport this time. Nice to know we’re so close.


  4. Have you ever shared how you learned to take such amazing images? You remind me of “dovegreyreader,” the only other writing blog besides yours that I follow. She also takes amazing pictures and writes stuff worth reading. The shots from the airplane, the Sunbeam mixer, and now this amazing rockery with tulips are just three that come to mind……


  5. Wow, Kirie, I haven’t thought of doveygreyreader in ages–I used to stop in there every once in a while. I will have to visit again. And thanks so much for your nice words about my photos. The only “lesson” I ever had was watching a friend take photos of the edges of a roof against a sky–about 7 years ago, actually right before I started this blog–and I thought wow, I don’t have to take traditional photos… The rest is courtesy of my iPhone. Hope you are well.


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