reading: 94/365


a partial view of my to-be-read stacks

I read a lot of books at one time. Right now I’m reading Abigail Thomas’s What Comes Next and How to Like It (memoir); Selfish, Shallow and Self-Absorbed (essay anthology); Donald Hall’s Essays After Eighty, Hermione Lee’s Penelope Fitzgerald A Life, Michael Kimball’s Michael Kimball Writes Your Life Story (On a Postcard), Shakespeare’s Henry V, and re-reading Jeanette Winterson’s Lighthousekeeping (that I just finished). Not sure how I ended up with so few novels, but I have a bunch lined up and waiting. I need to make more time to read…


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14 thoughts on “reading: 94/365

    • Anne, I need to go on a reading binge–maybe next year! I read an article recently about books you’ve kept for a long time without reading–that if you don’t read them within 6 months, you won’t, but I refuse to believe that.

      I was wondering if anyone would recognize the books there…


  1. So do I – always several books at the same time, but usually only one of them a novel + one audio-novel. I wish I could give myself more time to read. Even if I write for a living, I still feel a sting of bad conscience when I sit down with a novel in the middle of the day – how stupid is that?!!


  2. Books, books and MORE books! I’m surrounded by them, but I only do one fiction at a time (want to keep my head in one story ’til I’m done) and the nonfiction is usually when I’m in need of learning, so it’s more like a textbook in which I highlight and take notes. I already know I will never read the many books here, which saddens me, but I love the possibility of reading any one of them next or SOMEday 🙂 What I really want to be doing is writing and I have to come to terms with barely following blogs in order to accomplish it, at least for a while *sigh* THOSE I’m CONstantly reading!


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