in at night: 86/365


the view from my window


I’m in Minneapolis for AWP–the annual conference for writers, teachers, students, editors, publishers. 12,000 of us. It’s all of 8:00 pm and yes, I have retreated to my hotel room.

I love seeing friends from workshops and from VCFA and writers I’ve corresponded with over the years. There are panels and a book fair. It’s all great fun, but, as you might imagine, it’s also exhausting, social butterfly that I am not.

If you’d like to get a feel for what’s going on here, just plug #awp2015 into Twitter…

So here I am, in my pjs, in my bed, a glass of wine to my right, in my lovely hotel room, writing this post and I couldn’t be happier.


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13 thoughts on “in at night: 86/365

  1. I am 100% the same way! In fact supposed to have dinner out with friends tonight and tomorrow night with another couple and I already have tremendous agita about it. Don’t know why I committed (ages ago). xox


  2. Chris, here goes: Pam Houston, Cheryl Strayed, Alexander Chee, Roxane Gay, Rebecca Makkai, Alan Heathcock, Claire Vaye Watkins, Laura van den Berg, Kwame Dawes, Lidia Yuknavitch, Ted Kooser, Charles Baxter, Karen Russell, Louise Erdrich, Claudia Rankine, Dean Bakopoulos, Jamie Quattro, Tom Barbash, Sue William Silverman, Summer Wood and about 12,000 more!!!


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