clothes: 84/365

I don’t like clothes shopping. I’m good for an hour at most. After that I start getting nervous. But I’m sick of the clothes in my closet. And what has been happening the last few years: I like something in a store and buy it, but I don’t like it when I get home. There seems to be a disconnect (my new favorite word apparently) between what I think I want and what I want.


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8 thoughts on “clothes: 84/365

  1. If I were to admit one true thing, it would be this: I use shopping as a tranquilizer. I know I’m not the only one; but I’m still embarrassed to admit it. When I’m all worked up shopping is a way to still my mind. I rarely shop for myself on these occasions; instead I buy gifts for my family – a nice sweater for my husband, a cool t-shirt for my son, a scarf for my mother … maybe an exquisite thing for our house. When I’m in this mood I am in no state to buy clothes for myself.


    • Fascinating that shopping has the opposite effect on me. Wow. So interesting, Sigrun. When you’re not all worked up and you go shopping for yourself, do you enjoy that?


      • Actually I’m not sure … what do I do when I go shopping for myself – and how does it feel…?
        Oh, I suddenly remember: I hate it! I hate waiting in line for a changing room, I hate putting on and off clothes in tiny booths! I hate getting all worked up and hot, and then having big mirrors reflecting my white body in a cruel light!

        But I do love elegant garments, good design and exclusive materials – preferably delivered on my doorstep.


  2. I hate shopping. The last time I actually enjoyed going shopping was several years ago with my sister-in-law, Patricia. We were in Ashland OR at the Shakespeare Festival, and we bopped down the main drag checking out all the boutiques. We both bought long velvet dresses (mine’s burgundy, hers is . . . faded green, I believe, though I always remember wrong); she wears hers for family holiday parties, mine just hangs in the closet. We joke about both of us dressing up and going out (separately: we don’t live in the same place) in our velvet dresses, having tea or suchlike. I know that will never happen, but I still like having my velvet dress: it reminds me of happiness.


  3. I’ve never been a clothes horse, but didn’t mind shopping as much when I was thinner. I almost never shop for clothes, and have been wearing a lot of the same clothes for a good 15 years now, only buying things that have to be replaced.

    So, do you try on the clothes in the store? Or do you wait to get home?


    • Donna, sometimes in Provincetown I’ll see something in a window and go in and try it on, but these days usually I shop online. In the olden days, I did try on clothes in the store, hoping to avoid a second trip back with returns. What’s happening now is I’ll wear something I bought once or twice and then wonder what I was thinking–in the give-away bag it goes.


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