today: 83/365


I can’t do it all but here’s the stuff I would like to do today:

change out my clothes

finish updating my blog list

finish visiting you all in your natural habitats

catch up responding to all your lovely comments

work on the revision of my novel because my agent is waiting…

answer all the emails in my inbox

make a batch of pimento cheese

make a plane reservation

work on family photos

read the NYT

take a walk

this post



What are you doing?


 365 true things about me
why this daily practice

9 thoughts on “today: 83/365

  1. Cooking, cooking, cooking. Mama fell and is bed bound, so I’m taking care of her, which includes meals. Lots of meals. It’s the main reason I haven’t been able to keep up with your daily blog. But I enjoy when I do. Belated birthday wishes. And many more. xo


    • I’m so sorry about your mother, Darrelyn. I’m not keeping up with things very well these days either. I seem to keep getting behind-er. Thanks for the birthday wishes. xo


      • Cynthia, it’s so timely you would answer this today. I’m reading a book by a “pal” of mine (SCBWI) that I’m thoroughly enjoying, and honestly, even if someone doesn’t read kidlit (this is an MG novel), it’s worth having just to have all these sinful, delectable-sounding recipes! The setting is in South Carolina, so now with you giving me this link, I know it’s an actual “southern” things! 🙂 Just the other day I read the one she calls “EZ Cheeze Crunch.” In it she gives the recipe to MAKE Pimento Cheese and her sandwich which includes white bread and potato chips 🙂


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