trains: 82/365


I love trains–especially hearing one in the night in the distance, that faraway sound moving father away that means somebody is going somewhere. I love riding on trains and watching them go by. I never mind (anymore) being stopped by one on my way somewhere else. And it’s an especially good day if I happen to catch one chugging along the middle of the street downtown.

Once I get on a train, I have a hard time getting off. I said this to a friend a few weeks ago and then forgot about it until this minute, sitting in front of a blank screen, breathing out, and waiting for the dust to settle.



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16 thoughts on “trains: 82/365

  1. I still enjoy the visceral memory of riding my bike home from UW-Madison and being stopped at the train tracks, standing there and soaking in the power of the train as it rumbled past. I think it got me back to my apartment on the south side of town many minutes faster.


  2. My first apartment was one block from the train tracks. My first home was a little farther away, but close enough to hear the trains hooking up at night. It was a comfort more than an annoyance.


    • So, Dave, practical as well. And I’m loving your love poems from the ozarks. About half way. Sorry I didn’t make your deadline. Still behind but picking up speed…


  3. I have mixed feeling about trains, actually. I DO like the sound of them when they’re more in the distance, unless it’s 4:42pm and I know my boyfriend’s mother is on it, about to arrive home and ’cause him more stress (no, I won’t get into it, but…). I love the idea of trains, but mostly in days of old. There’s something romantic about them back then 🙂

    I have a fear of them, too. The mother of a school mate (back in 1970) got stuck on the tracks in her car. I won’t say more than that, but that was when they finally installed gates. I don’t trust they’ll always work, so get that touch of nervousness each time I cross. And unlike all of you, most times I get annoyed when I have to wait for them ’cause I just want to get wherever I need to go.

    For about 5 months, back in 1975, I commuted to Manhattan by train to attend school and that got old pretty quickly. But with all that said, I do have a favorite train: The Hogwarts Express 😀 😉


  4. Speaking of Dogwoods & Trains… here’s ‘my’ BC Rail Budd Car!
    I worked the run from North Vancouver to Prince George return…
    as a rail steward… catering to passengers who lived along the line…
    a 1 year stint in ’87…a 2 day return trip with 3 days to sleep it off…
    traveling thru 4 seasons & 4 climate zones… the thrill of a lifetime!


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