20 thoughts on “singing: 77/365

  1. Me too! Can’t sing worth beans and want to – like Aretha. It looks like it feels so good to just pour it all out like that! The immediacy! The joy! Once or twice, when I knew I was far enough out in a field that no one could hear me, I sang every song I knew the lyrics to (a pitiful few!) at the top of my lungs and it DID feel good. I walked out of that field feeling high. Next life.


  2. Tricia, I LOVE that we share this and I LOVE every word of your comment! Yes, yes, yes, like Aretha, giving it everything, feeling so good…

    (and sorry to be so long in responding!)


  3. It is NEVER too late to look up a continuing ed class in your area for singing, or to find a local community choir that takes all comers. Trust me, singing in a group carries you to the tune (well enough). It’s actually extremely rare for someone truly to be unable to carry a tune, though people claim this handicap all the time. Nah. You just need practice. It’s also extremely rare for someone to have perfect pitch AND be able to reproduce that pitch with the voice–Aretha misses notes, I promise. She’d be the first to say so, I’m sure.

    Singing is JOY and you must indulge at least in your shower, your car, that open field…. Aretha would agree.

    Having said all that, in my next life, I, too, plan to be that rare person with perfect pitch and huge range and big big voice. We will have to get together for a few duets.


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