9 thoughts on “single room: 75/365

  1. It’s funny how, especially with something that big and transitional, we “think” we know what we want ’til we’re in it. Was the roommate a friend you’d made, or was it just that you realized you felt too “out of the mix”?


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  3. You asked in my launch to my blog if this was the one that had me puzzled. Turns out, yes, it was! And–thanks for getting me started. I’m having fun. Of course, I’m only on day 7…. And I always enjoy getting yours in my email inbox. (And except for this one, they always make sense!)


  4. I was assigned a single room and was really sad about it. I’m the baby of my family and spent my entire life pre-college sharing a bedroom with my older sister. The thought of having no one to carry the burden of space was intolerable. Plus I was convinced college was My Country and I would grow into myself and thrive and it would all start with my smart, funny, wise, kind, generous, adoring roommate, somebody, finally, who would GET me, unlike my sister and every other person I’d ever met in my short but ENDLESS life of 18 years. I almost cried when I got the packet and had no one to send a letter to, announcing myself and pledging undying roommatey loyalty. Then I went. And saw. And heard. And reeled. I had the usual experience of the 1st-generation college student, which is to say that I struggled in every way and almost failed out before I figured out how to survive this college thing. I did, very painfully, grow into myself. But thank goodness I had the privacy to FREAKTHESHITOUT that whole first year, or there’s absolutely no way I would have made it. So yeah. We have no clue what we want at 18, much less what we need. In fact I barely know what I want now, when the question isn’t posed by a lunch menu or a bookstore shelf. And I will never know what I need. Good to learn early that we just have to figure that out as we go along.


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