again and again: 74/365

You may recognize the poet Muriel Rukeyser’s words:

What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life?
The world would split open.

from “Kathe Kollwitz
Speed of Darkness

This next excerpt comes from the same poem. Here Rukeyser is writing in the voice of the German artist whose name is the title of the poem.

“The process is after all like music,
like the development of a piece of music.
The figures come back and
again and again
A theme may seem to have been put aside,
but it keeps returning–
the same thing modulated,
somewhat changed in form.
Usually richer.
And it is
very good that this is so.

That sounds like a description of what’s happening here with this project. And also, for that matter, what happens when working on a piece of writing.

I had been concerned about echoes and repetition. But no more. Even though I’m writing an individual piece each day, a whole is being created.

Apparently it is good that this is so.


 365 true things about me
why this daily practice

8 thoughts on “again and again: 74/365

  1. Darrelyn, thanks so much for jumping in so fast with your “yes.” Much appreciated. Maria, thanks for the love and the reblog. Donna, thanks for your continued support : )


  2. This is the perfect follow-up to your post about finding the context of a quote! And what beautiful words–aren’t poets just stunning creatures? How do they DO it??

    And yes, what a wonderful way to describe writing process. Well, and the entire body of a writer’s work, right? The returning, interwoven themes. Reminds me of David Jauss’s advice to discover your themes by scouring your rough drafts with the glittering eyes of a Sherlock Holmes, in search of clues.


  3. I love this so much, all of it. I was concerned about repetition too. Then I heard Lidia Yuknavitch talk about exhausting our metaphors, looking for the echoes and repetitions, and digging into them. So I’ve let it go and am now curious to see what repeats, what returns.


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