money: 71/365

When I was eleven or twelve, my father said he would pay me $50 if I could swim a mile. On the last lap, as my fingers grabbed for the edge of the pool right beside his dress shoes, he said, “I’ll give you another $1 if you swim another length.”

He met me at the other end of the pool.

And so it went. 

I don’t remember which of us ran out of steam first.

I like to travel. I like to buy books. I like to buy purses.


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7 thoughts on “money: 71/365

  1. Thanks, Sarah. Helena, at the moment, yes, the bigger the better. Claire, I didn’t remember those shoes until I was writing this post. And yes, Donna, he did, and he dangled dollars in front of me whenever he felt my behavior needed adjusting…


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