10 thoughts on “basketball: 69/365

  1. I played ‘at’ it… in senior high (read ’69)
    when cheerleading wasn’t where it was at!

    pssst… I was good ‘at’… Tear Drop Shots…
    aka Floaters… read: in the basket 9/10… 🙂

    I suppose that’s one true thing about me (lol)


  2. LOL!!! OK, this cracked me up! The only time I was interested in basketball was in high school—shooting hoops and cheerleading at our games. Other than that, it was too fast-paced for me to “get” what was going on or understanding the penalties. The only sport I ever really got into was baseball and after a good 15-16 years of being an avid Yankees fan, I pulled away to spend less time with that and more time being productive. It was fun while I was doing it (my son’s interest sparked it).


    • Donna, I don’t “get” basketball either. I tried to play in 8th grade but broke my finger during our first practice. I like watching football on TV and golf, weirdly enough. I still like watching baseball sometimes but not as much as I used to. Sports can eat up hours and hours of a day.


  3. When we were first married, Pat and I lived in a house with a basketball hoop in the back. He loves to play most sports and often played basketball with work friends at the time. He asked if I’d like to play some one-on-one so I said sure. When we started I went after him, trying to wrestle the ball from his grasp. He stopped, aghast, then burst out laughing, b/c, apparently, you’re not supposed to do that. That’s nuts, I said, give me the damn ball, and I ripped it from his grasp and proceeded to fling the ball at the hoop multiple times, missing badly each time, while he tried to explain that for some crazy reason you’re not supposed to pounce on your opponent and yank at the ball. Makes absolutely no sense, I said, the whole point is to get the ball and put it through the hoop, right? He said yes but threw out words like “travel” and “dribble” and “personal foul.” To which I replied, “Ridiculous, silly, what a waste of time,” and then I finally got the ball through the hoop and that was that.


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