facing the sea: 66/365

IMG_0623I’ve mentioned that I prefer to write in front of a window,
even better if that window
faces the sea.

Joyce Carol Oates wrote,

There is surely some subtle connection between the vistas we face and the writing we accomplish, as a dream takes its mood and imagery from our waking life.



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why this daily practice

9 thoughts on “facing the sea: 66/365

  1. A North Carolina friend used to say that people are either “mountain people” or “ocean people,” never both. Maybe. But I know there are “wide open fields” people, too, b/c I have met folks from the plains states who say they dearly miss that landscape, and I’ve recently discovered that a couple of my friends consider themselves “river people.” Here in Maine I found the rocky coast beautiful but also forbidding, even alien, at first. But I have grown to appreciate it. The snowscape used to completely weird me out, as well–it was so unnerving to not see grass for many months at a time. Now I look forward to it, although this brutal winter wore me out. Anyway, I am definitely that “ocean person” my friend talked about. I enjoy other landscapes but nothing beats the ocean, both for sight and sound. Oh, and that salty air, too. Mmmm.

    And so. What do these landscape preferences mean for our writing? What??


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