going after it: 64/365

IMG_2104When I set my mind to something, I go after it–whatever it is–and I seldom take no for an answer. My mother was ecstatic when I got my driver’s license. 

If we can’t do it this week,
—how about next week?

How can you possibly know when you can go to Provincetown in October?
—It’s important to me, so I plan all my weeks at the beginning of the year and work around them.

The Atlanta airport is closed.
—ok, I’ll drive to Birmingham and fly out of there.

We only have this one wild and precious life; I’m not going to sit back and watch it go by.


 365 true things about me
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6 thoughts on “going after it: 64/365

  1. LOVE that pic!

    I am sometimes like you… and sometimes not. I don’t have as much confidence, I think, and I don’t always realize what is possible.

    2015 so far has been a very tough year for Pat and me and my community of friends–it’s been hard to feel like the year is truly underway and I’m going to accomplish anything b/c I keep getting bad news and feeling set back by it. I think right now I will use your post as inspiration to put my head down and get going. As you say–just that one very, very short, precious life.


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