sick: 60/365

It’s seven on a Friday night, possibly the latest I’ve ever waited to come here. The reason: I’m sick. Just a cold with a bad cough, chills, body aches. But it’s the third time in nine weeks and this is the worst. I spent two hours at the clinic late this afternoon.

I fought it all day, not accomplishing much. Now I’ve taken an antibiotic and I intend to give in to it–lying on the sofa and binge watching The Honourable Woman, not even trying to accomplish anything.

I asked myself if I had any truth about illness (thinking, please let me have one;my mind’s not good for much at the moment) and what came immediately to mind was this: it’s one of the times I’d rather not be by myself.

Until tomorrow.


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17 thoughts on “sick: 60/365

  1. Oh, no! I hope you feel better very soon. And I’m sorry you don’t have company. I think I told you that I got sick a lot during my Daily Shorty year? Several colds and a flu, when typically I only get sick once every few years or so. I guess it’s the YOU MUST daily requirement. Do you have a rule that you must come up with your one true thing on the same day as you’re posting? Because if not, you could get ahead on what you’d like to share, and that might relieve some of the stress? Anyway, sending you virtual chicken soup from Maine….


    • Thanks for the virtual chicken soup. I go for years without even a hint of a cold but not this year.

      And I don’t write ahead. It’s not so much a rule as something that feels right. This project is kind of like a meditation practice, something that I want to be more aware of on a daily basis. And also, can you just imagine if I allowed myself to write ahead? I might hole up for days until I had written every single one of these things just to cross it off my list!


      • Of course. What was I thinking?? And I do love that you’re treating this as a kind of daily meditation. I think that’s partly why these posts are so inspiring, actually, b/c the posts do have the tone of a spiritual toe-dip.


  2. Hope you feel better soon. I had this last week. Just give yourself permission to do nothing. Not easy, I know. Also a night time cod medicine can be bliss!


    • Thanks, Katharine. I fought it yesterday because it’s so difficult for me to do nothing when I have things to accomplish. But I got the night time cold medicine and then I stayed in bed all day today : )


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