7 thoughts on “not ready yet: 55/365

  1. “no, no… I’m not ready yet” … is all too familiar!
    However… my next thought would have been:
    Tne New Year will just have to wait!! (lol)

    And it did… for us… eh?! xxx


  2. This post provides the perfect opportunity to congratulate you on starting the project many days into the year. You didn’t let missing January 1 throw you off, as you so easily could have done. Good for you for showing that mettle even as you were prescribing this project for yourself exactly so that you could GET some mettle. Again I have to point out that you are stronger and far more attuned to yourself than you give yourself credit for.

    I wasn’t ready this year, either, and for the same reason–I knew I needed to make some decisions and get moving, but I wasn’t ready. Then the weather brutalized all Mainers, and some health issues came up for us that were very distracting, and I decided to reboot In February, naming that the NEW new year. Then more health issues and I find myself deciding to reboot once again on March 20, the first day of spring. And I’m wondering if I should do that every year, wait until spring to declare myself renewed. Works for the trees.


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