unlike me: 52/365


46 degrees on its way to 30

This morning I did something I don’t believe I would have done pre-365-days project. Last night I received a request for a remembrance of a particular person, which needed to be emailed by the end of the day today. I didn’t give it much thought. It was late; I was tired.

This morning I read the email with more attention. I did in fact have a memory of this particular person, a bit of a conversation we had had five years ago and that I had always remembered.

So I wrote it up and sent it off.

Well… I did edit it and then ask my husband to read it. But still, two things. I participated of my own free will. And there was no gnashing of teeth.



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7 thoughts on “unlike me: 52/365

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  2. I have been trying out the “no gnashing” thing lately as well, and I like it very much. The part that intrigues me so much about this post, though, is that you’re celebrating being sure you wrote and sent the remembrance because you wanted to do it, rather than feeling obligated. Do you ever have trouble knowing if your willingness to do something is too influenced by obligation? I do.


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