in a rush: 51/365


77 degrees for the 2nd day in a row

Just a few minutes ago, one of the regular cashiers at the grocery store asked me, “Are you always in a rush?”

Today was, unusually, a day spent mostly out, rather than in–a walk and lunch with a friend, a haircut.

But yes, two speeds: in a rush or stopped.

No middle ground. That should be my sign off.


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9 thoughts on “in a rush: 51/365

  1. I wanted to have more patience, so I knew I had to practice patience. I found a perfect place was when standing in line in just about any store. Instead of tapping my foot or looking at my watch, i took deep, relaxing breaths and whispered to myself, “Thank you for this opportunity to practice patience.


  2. I often do things with a sense of urgency, but I have to say I’m not always in a rush physically. From this post and at least one other you wrote, you do sound like a pretty “black and white” kinda gal, Cynthia!


  3. Great idea, twofelines. I will have to try that. In this instance, it wasn’t that I was impatient but I ran for bread and then was grabbing my wallet and slapping the credit card through the machine. Probably was more my overall demeanor : )


  4. My god, that tree. I stared at it for a good 3 minutes. I need signs of spring, right now, as we brace for another snow storm this weekend. (Dear Universe, you have plenty of time to change your mind about all that snow you’re talking about throwing at Maine. Perhaps a cup of tea and a think is in order?)

    Once again–yes. I am either rushing or stopped, too. And I think those two states feed each other. I end up rushing b/c I stopped far too long (looking at a tree, say) and I insist on stopping when I see something beautiful (or strange or disturbing or surprising or opinion-confirming) b/c I’m always rushing around, stressing myself. DAMMIT JUST LET ME SIT, that’s my motto. And then, shit, I’m late for Zumba….


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