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Windows fascinate me. Where they are, what they frame. Panes or no panes. I prefer panes, not surprising since I like to break things into smaller pieces.

Some writers prefer a wall when they’re working, but not me. Windows open my brain to other worlds.

Henri Matisse, a writer as well as a painter, wrote, “Windows have always interested me because they are a passageway between the exterior and the interior.” (Matisse on Art)


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13 thoughts on “windows: 43/365

  1. There really is a beauty in a paned window 🙂 Wondering what you think of stained glass windows, too. And I’d say I especially like the way a window serves as a metaphor 🙂 Love this pic, but what strikes me also is how high the snow must be up against the outside of the house!


  2. Cynthia… I am fascinated by your interpretation…
    and understand this be a matter of perception.

    I smile… for I prefer not to be seen looking out…
    & avoid ‘fishbowl’ windows… looking in… to me!

    I cherish my privacy…
    & have come to like curtains… oy vey!

    As for stepping out… yes… and even then…
    I wear ‘the abaya’… as a curtain. (lol)


  3. Oh, Helena, I thought you meant that where you were in SA, it would be dangerous for you to be seen looking out a window. I didn’t realize it was a matter of preference : ) Haha on the abaya.


  4. Cynthia… not dangerous… but a matter of modesty in a Muslim world.
    The majority of my neighbours be Muslim and when the women step outside
    they are covered from head to toe… in their sarees or abayas… with headscarves.
    I wear my abaya out of respect for their customs… 🙂


  5. Cynthia…
    I am grateful for the opportunity
    to clarify my initial comment…
    and wonder if it was a fair play
    on words for my trusted reader?
    or if I was simply being too cheeky…
    for my own good?

    there be a middle ground?! ~;D


  6. I love windows, too, but I don’t think I’ve given them so much thought, it’s just that I tend to seek them out and I definitely much prefer to sit at a window when I’m writing. And I hate to block sunlight, so a lot of our windows have no shades. If I had the big bucks I would install some stained glass in our house. A stained glass window could depict a hotdog with mustard, or an earthworm on a rock, and I’d still consider it beautiful.


  7. Ha. My love of windows began many years ago when I became a huge fan of Henri Matisse–his words and his paintings. Ever since then, I notice them everywhere. For some reason, though, I don’t love stained glass. But I’m happy that you do : )


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