project junkie: 42/365

It’s the way I get things done. If something is huge, then I turn it into a project and break off a little piece every day or every week or every month. Right now, I have this project.

I’m also going through all our photos, selecting some to have digitalized, and dividing the rest into boxes for the kids.

I’m also reading all of Shakespeare’s plays in the order he wrote them.

And I’ve just discovered how great Evernote is and am starting to move stuff into it.

I think of exercise as a project.

I’m about to start cataloguing my books. Not yet sure of the daily/weekly number of books I’m aiming for–maybe I will do it by shelves. While I’m doing it, I hope to give some away. Currently scouting for a person or organization who will love them too.

Would love to know about some of your projects.


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21 thoughts on “project junkie: 42/365

  1. Wow, Cynthia. As soon as you asked about “some” of our “projects,” I literally sighed and thought “Ooooh, man…” I was actually flooded with the weight of the plague of my life “The Never-Ending Story of Projects” lol AAAGGGHHH!!! I will not bore you with the many lists, but will only mention a few that I’m trying to get to. I mean, I recently was able to get my “following blogs” organized and it seems to be working well so far, thank God! 🙂 I had spent a few days making the playlists for my Basement Bops, but STILL haven’t posted them to the blog. The biggest and longest-standing project is my novel series. Another project I’m hoping to get finished with soon is actually several projects all to do with The other one that’s a tough one, but the most important, really, is working on a whole new eating plan for my boyfriend and I. Only just a few months ago I finished my project of making charts for myself that helped me with my new way of dieting. There’s so much more than this, but I won’t even go there lol


    • Wow, Donna. You have your hands full. I knew how much you had going on with your two blogs and the bookmarks and the reading project but had no idea about the Chess. That’s very cool. And good luck with your eating plan. Health projects should definitely go at the top of the list. Hope you’re feeling better.


      • Thanks, Cynthia 🙂 Not really feeling much better, but hopefully that will happen 🙂 And what I’ve mentioned here is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg *sigh* Somethin’s Gotta Give and I just don’t want it to be my body 🙂 Still trying to figure it out! 🙂


  2. With all those ongoing projects, where do you fit in the writing in front of a window (as in next post)? Or is one of the projects to prioritize work on projects? (Just kidding. Actually I am full of envy — of your proficiency at organization. I wish I could multitask so smoothly.)


  3. I’m always launching projects as well but I abandon at least as many as I finish. To date my biggest project and accomplishment has to be my Daily Shorty year, and I don’t expect to top that. A few projects I’m working on now: Training for a better 5K time, learning how to make high-quality dishes with a slow cooker, baking traditional British treats, transitioning my blog, improving my submissions methods and tracking, selecting the right finished stories for a collection, producing more material for a strictly themed collection of shorts.

    Typing that list made me tired. I need to learn your method of tackling projects. And maybe I need to reduce that list….


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