playing with books: 38/365

In Falling Through Space, Ellen Gilchrist wrote,

We should get up one morning and take all our books and put them in a pile in the middle of the floor and start playing with them.

I love playing with books–sitting on the floor in a library, in a bookstore, or in my study, flipping through pages, reading bits and pieces. When I’m writing a blog post, I often end up with books spread out around me, folded open. I had forgotten this, but when I first started this blog, the one rule I had was that each post had to have something to do with a book. So writing a blog post always meant playing with my books.


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6 thoughts on “playing with books: 38/365

  1. Do you know, I’ve never had the thought that I was “playing” with them when I handled piles or whatever, but you know—the enjoyment of handling books in ANY way is enough so that it IS “playing!” Thanks for that, Cynthia! 😀


  2. I loved this post. Whenever I need a friend and a friend is not near, I go to my bookshelves and start “playing” too!


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