13 thoughts on “emotional: 36/365

  1. I find so many of your posts comment worthy – though thus far I’ve only commented to myself. I, too, have always craved space to myself, and I also go to a place that is only mine (in Santa Barbara) from my Southern city home base on a regular basis. Just recently, I’ve become a full-fledged cryer. Not just at commercials, or Hallmark Hall of Fame movies, but real life events have broken me open. In this case, the bad news is the good news. Crying is the gateway in. I would never have guessed. Keep sharing yourself, Cindy/Cynthia. Your words, and your courage, have an impact.


    • Marielle, I’ve already read your comment many times, and I imagine I will continue to read it over. It make me feel as if I’m on the right track. So thank you for commenting here–although I like the visual of you commenting to yourself : ). You’re the first person I know of who also has a place of her own, and I’d love to know more about that. As for the crying, it’s interesting to me that it’s a recent transformation, and that it’s good news. I’m glad you are out ahead of me, and I hope you’ll send comments from the other side from to time. I will appreciate it.
      xo cindy/cynthia


  2. Another difference. See? They DO happen lol…I’m pretty emotional, but not one to fly off the handle over little things—well, unless my hormones are somehow dictating things or I’m having a REALLY bad day!


  3. I’m going to go out on a limb, here, and say that a person who gets choked up at commercials is in fact a very emotional person. Further on a limb: From our interaction I consider you to be an emotional person. Mind you, I see that as a positive. Being an emotional person doesn’t mean you’re not good at moderating those emotions, that you don’t know how to tell the difference between something that deserves your emotional investment and something that doesn’t. It doesn’t mean you’re weak or dramatic or that you allow yourself to make important decisions merely on the basis of emotion or that you let your emotion improperly influence your analysis of… anything. I know of course that you know these things as well as I do, I’m just making sure I’m being clear on what I mean when I say I know you to be emotional. I have witnessed your passion for many things. No. I would never have called you an unemotional person, not in a million years, not the Cyn I know. So do you think I know a rarified version? Or have I been reading you wrong, somehow?

    And a confession: I am an extremely emotional person and a sympathetic cryer. I don’t consider either a flaw, though the second can be embarrassing.


    • Ha, Cal said the same thing. So… I wonder if there’s another word choice. Or maybe I’m a hyper rational emotional person. Or a closet emotional person. This is an interesting discovery.


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