belief: 33/365

My father always told me I could do anything I set my mind to. And I believed him.

Small case in point. As a freshman in college I got a job as a waitress, something I’d never done before. That first day on the job, a Sunday, I was the only waitress at the Peregrine House. It was some sort of parents’ weekend, and the old two-story house filled up fast. I took orders as if I had waitressed every day of my life. Until the orders started coming up… After a brief moment of panic, my recollection is that I stood in the middle of the room and said, “Okay so who had the roast beef on rye?”

By the way, I still believe him.


 365 true things about me

8 thoughts on “belief: 33/365

    • Donna, my husband said, somebody ordered roast beef on rye? And I said, I don’t remember exactly what the first order was. I do have a clear memory of it being Sunday, though. As far as roast beef on rye, I think I just liked the alliteration. And thanks for your support!


  1. I intend to catch up to all your posts. I’ve been in Dallas all week helping my middle son and daughter-in-law prepare their house for Levi, their first child and my third grandchild. He’s due in 5 weeks! Driving home tomorrow.

    Enjoyed the image of you in that restaurant. 🙂 And I did catch your piece on Joni Mitchell and loved it. Here’s Frances McDormand on aging:

    Okay, time for sleep. xo


    • A new baby is so exciting! And now both of us will have grandchildren in Texas. (Maybe we will run into each other there.) Saw the Frances McDormand clip on FB and intended to add it several places on my blog-thanks for the reminder. Hope you made it home safely.


  2. I have eaten roast beef on rye with thick cheddar and spicy, horseradish mayo, and it was EXCELLENT. But my love for rye and pumpernickel is unreasonable.

    As for sweet papas, my dad is a terrible chauvinist, but he couldn’t bear to apply that philosophy to his two girls. He used to say things like, “Women can’t drive–but YOU will be able to drive well, Honey, b/c you’re so smart.” And “The man runs the house and makes the decisions b/c there has to be ONE leader, for when disagreements happen. But in your case, pumpkin, you’ll probably be the one who makes the decisions, because you’ve got such a good head on your shoulders.” He also told me once that he hoped I would become a lawyer just so I could then graduate to judge and then go to the Supreme Court, because I would make such good decisions. This despite the fact that he hates my politics. Fathers and their little girls–so funny and sweet.


    • Ha, of course I don’t remember what the sandwich was, and Cal said, roast beef on rye??? I guess I liked the alliteration. Anyway, glad it’s a favorite of yours. Loved the stories of your father–probably better as stories than as any life models, as so many things are : )


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