snow: 31/365

Snow fills me with wonder. It allows me to look at the world as I did when I was a child.
Just look.

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Everything that we see in our daily life is more or less distorted by acquired habits… the artist…has to look at life as he did when he was a child…
Henri Matisse, Matisse on Art


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10 thoughts on “snow: 31/365

  1. I’ve never been at the ocean when it snows. It looks beautiful, as the ocean always does 🙂 It’s snowing right now, actually…I need to see how much has fallen so far. Love to look at it, don’t like to shovel it when it’s plentiful though. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics, Cynthia 🙂


  2. You’re making me wish I’d kept a photo album of this, our epic winter. I do always find the snowfall beautiful and calming (unless we’re getting the winds of a Nor’Easter), and I love to walk in snow, particularly the dry, scritch-scritch kind of snow we get here in Maine t/o December, January, and February–right now we’re getting the skeesh-skeesh kind that feels and looks like cake icing. But you know, all this talk of beauty… once you’ve hit 90 inches of accumulation, you start to resent the weathermen, despise the sound of a snow-plow, and shudder at the very THOUGHT of snow. I’ll still get tricked all over again next year, though, and, yes, feel that familiar, little-girl excitement when I see those first flakes.


  3. Cake icing! Oh and I love the wind blowing the snow around. Still, I understand I can’t totally claim my love of snow and ice until I spend every day of a winter up north.

    Claire, so sorry to be lagging in responding to your delightful comments.


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