12 thoughts on “list-maker: 30/365

        • Yes, it has to be pen and paper. I’ve tried and tried to use my phone or ipad for lists. I’ve downloaded the coolest apps–ones where the background looks like paper and I use a stylus to write on it. But there’s something about it not being in my face that makes those not work. Maybe if the day’s list was my screensaver that would work… Usually I print out my calendar for the week and add list items to it.


  1. I make a lot of lists, too, but I always ignore them. My brain seems to think that the making of the list is the thing in itself, and imposes mental play-time immediately after I put the period on the last item. I have tried to reform myself but nothing works. It’s like a disorder. I should petition the folks who put together the DSM to give it a proper name and a coveted spot in their pages. Adding that task to the list….


    • ha, well I think making the list does help, but actually looking at it helps more, and oh the sense of satisfaction as I cross the last thing off and toss the list in the trash…


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