boxing and bagging: 28/365

Making order out of disorder is one of my specialties. Cleaning up the kitchen, cleaning out a drawer. Give away, throw away, keep. Sorting. Give me a mess and I can organize it. I will see through it. It doesn’t overwhelm me. Okay, sometimes for a second it does, but I just take a deep breath. I know there is order to be had.

As I know there is more to be said about this.

As I know there is more to be said about some of my other posts.

But this is a thing unto itself, and I’m going to sit with this part for a bit.


 365 true things about me

18 thoughts on “boxing and bagging: 28/365

    • Helena! I was going to write that you should start a blog about what it’s like living in Saudi Arabia and I went one more time to look for you and I found your blog! When I went looking for you after you left your first comment here, I didn’t see anything current. I’m looking forward to catching up!


      • On ‘catching me’… catching me!
        How delightful!

        Cynthia… thank you so much…
        for making the time to read my blog
        …from the beginning

        as you share on your journey
        it is my hope…
        to share of mine
        in like kind

        from saudi with love… Helena xxx


          • Yes… One journey. OUR journey.

            ‘from saudi with love’… was born of that well worn expression:
            “From (fill in the blank) with Love”…
            and has become my trademark signature… ~;)

            YOU’RE HIRED! appears to be in keeping with your…
            highly regarded trademark… “Making order out of disorder…”

            I am duly encouraged to face the overwhelm… using your tactic:
            “…I just take a deep breath. I know there is order to be had.” !!!


            • I laughed when I first read YOU”RE HIRED : ) And I’ll share one of my secrets: break whatever it is into small steps, into some little piece you can accomplish each day. So instead of thinking of it as a 100 books to go through, think of it as 10 books a day for 10 days. At the end of each day, you have something to check off your list and then one day, voila, you’re finished!


              • Merci beaucoup !!!
                And a secret shared… deserves one in return… 🙂

                “A Secret Kept” by Tatiana de Rosnay
                … author of “Sarah’s Key” & ‘”The House I Loved”
                …available in French… s’il vous plait!?

                Yes… I’ve read all three. Paris inspired me so!
                Might you have read any of Tatiana’s ‘books’?


    • Linda, the wedding venue could not have been more beautiful. I framed that photo from the back of the room that shows the lights and everyone up front… When you called me that day, I just wanted to do whatever I could to make it all perfect for C & B! And as I said on FB, I appreciate your not thinking of my attempt at helping as taking over–ha!


  1. I think when you do it for other it is how you show that you care. Since you don’t necessarily love talking about feelings. Instead you show me you care by organizing my pantry. Which was much appreciated! Just a thought. Sorry I “said more ” when you were planning on sitting with it . 😁


  2. I can only do this for others OR for myself when I’m being paid to do a job. And I’m really good at it. But it takes too much energy, which tells me it’s not natural and I had to teach myself how to do it. And if it’s MY desk or table or room and nobody’s paying me… let the chaos reign.

    I love your declaration to sit with a partial revelation. You’re following your usual organizing strategy, yes? Breaking something into pieces and taking on one piece at a time? Like, say, 365 pieces, and one piece per day?


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