no middle ground: 27/365

I am a woman with no middle ground.

    1. I’m up or I’m down.
    2. Let’s talk or leave me alone.
    3. I’m on a diet or eating whatever I want.
    4. I want to read literary fiction or watch trash TV.
    5. I’m in the south or the north.
    6. I like black or all the colors.
    7. Housebound or on the road.*
    8. Here or there.*

I know there are more. #2 really big time.

Anybody else have a list?

*added after 2-8-15


 365 true things about me

19 thoughts on “no middle ground: 27/365

  1. Welcome to ‘The Tribe of Extremes’… 🙂

    1. All Work or All Play

    2. See Me or Leave Me Alone

    3. Housebound or On The Road

    AND I’m happy to report…
    the extremes are happening more…
    somewhere in the middle


  2. I am so enjoying these posts, Cindy! As I get older, I feel like my either/or inclinations are changing…but not toward the middle. More away from what I’ve always thought I *should* be.


      • It is a bit uncanny at times, I must say. You want to hear something that freaked me out the other night?

        My boyfriend does these little “projects” sometimes (he’s very OCD, too), and his latest one is what he’s calling his “European Bus Tour.” Each week he’s finding a pic of a place in Europe and putting it on his desk top. He was looking for something of Vienna. He found one he liked of a town on a lake at the base of mountains. He then told me the next pic after that he wanted to have something of which there would be a town/city built up the side of a hill (think Tuscany), and I told him I had a very colorful pic on my computer (usually from an email or something I came across I wanted to save) that I think was Italy, so I began my search, trying to find this pic and couldn’t (still haven’t!). I then noticed I had a pic of the Village of Hallstat in Vienna. God only knows how long I have this pic. It was of a path in a cliff of a hill in front of a house looking out over a few buildings and a church with a lake beyond that. When he looked at it, he recognized the church steeple as looking the same as the pic he’d found on Google. It turned out it was the same church! Same town! Two opposite viewpoints. What are the odds of this happening? lol


  3. Love this list. Mine would include your #’s 2, 6, and 7. I would add:
    – I’m really reserved or really outgoing. There’s no telling which will prevail at any given moment.
    – I’m fearless or frightened.
    – I’m in the West or East.

    As I generate this list, I am struck by how the extremes that once ruled me, seem to have lost their allure. I rarely sink as far down or rise as far up as I used to.


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  6. (1) Look at me! Look at me! Look at me! Why are you looking at me??
    (2) I give and I give and I give…. Oh, my goodness, no need to thank me, entirely MY pleasure, absolutely, please, you’re embarrassing me!
    (3) I WANT TO DO EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW. I am so overwhelmed.
    (4) I will NOT spend THAT KIND OF MONEY on a sweater when I can find a hundred AWESOME sweaters at the Goodwill for 5 bucks each (or LESS!). A 6-dollar latte?? More whipped cream, please!
    (5) Why do we insist that women be so thin? Those poor actresses, they are literally starving. I think I have gained weight. Right here, just below that third rib, can you see it? Honey?? Do you think I’ve gained weight??

    I could go on all night.


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