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IMG_1602Yesterday was a frustrating day in a lot of unimportant, ridiculous ways. By the end of it I was tired and my head full of the mundane, irritating details of life. But sitting here this morning, with the sun shining through the woods to my right, through a tangle of trunks and bark and dead leaves, all wet from a night rain, I feel pretty great.

That was as far as I got before I had to leave for Atlanta to visit and help my parents. On the way back, I wanted some good music and was flipping through my Spotify playlists and came across one I made from Lindsey Mead’s blog. I pushed random and as I began to sing at the top of my lungs, I thought–music, it’s been 24 days and I haven’t mentioned music.

Here’s the song I listened to over and over again for the last thirty minutes of my drive home. By The Head and the Heart–Lost in My Mind


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  1. Music is a great gift we should never take for granted. I, too, will listen to the same song repeatedly, all dependent on mood. I never heard this one and it’s great! Totally enjoyed listening to it. Thank you for sharing! And in that spirit, I’ll share just a few with you (there are ZILLIONS!). At first I picked 2, then it grew to 4! lol SO MANY are addictive, uplifting and bring me such joy, I hope they do it for you too, so hopefully you won’t mind. I think you’ll enjoy them 🙂

    The first one I heard when my son was in high school and I sort of “clipped” his Incubus CD for this song 😉 hehehe The second one I only became aware of a couple months ago when Matthew Winner mentioned it in the interview I did with him. The third someone tweeted last year, pre-BEA. It was the first time I heard the song and this is my favorite video of it (don’t like the official one). These people feel like “friends” 🙂 And the fourth one is along the same lines. It was tweeted by John Schumacher (@mrschureads) and I was in love instantly. I cannot count how many times I repeated this song (hours?) and how many times it choked me up, seeing this school do this!

    DRIVE by Incubus

    SKY FULL OF STARS by Coldplay

    HAPPY by Pharrell Williams



  2. Enjoyed all four, Donna. Thanks for sharing. I LOVE that Coldplay song, and it was the only one I had heard before. Pharrell Williams’ Happy wins best video : )


  3. Oh, wow! I never watch awards shows anymore so had no idea! Honestly, I wasn’t sure when it was released and hadn’t heard it before I saw the BEA video (btw, the people in the video all make the BEA happen in NYC 🙂 ) ,but it’s one of my favorites! I use it often when I do my Basement Bops (still haven’t posted them to my Creativity Cookbook blog,but they’re coming! They’re actually done, but I need to post them!). It’s so easy to dance to and really IS an infectious “happy” song! 🙂


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  5. I enjoy reading your blog. This post reminded me how much I love The Head and The Heart too. It triggered me to update my earlier music post with more music, videos, and links. Thanks.


  6. Cyn, I’ve never heard of that group nor the song, so thank you for the introduction. I really enjoyed it but probably I won’t go looking for more by that group b/c for some reason I will never understand, I don’t tend to pursue music, despite loving some of it so much that, like you, I will play one song over and over and over again. I love the Bare Naked Ladies song “One Week”–I’m always a sucker for lots and lots of words and a catchy melody–and I once played it over 40 times in a row. I know this only b/c Pat put some stuff on my iPod for me that night, and cracked up when he saw the number next to the song. (I think I might have exceeded that number on a couple of other occasions, but who’s counting?!) Tracy Chapman felt like a life-changing discovery in college, and I felt transformed again when I discovered John Prine in my early 20s. And then I just stopped looking for more. It’s like I believe I have enough music. Yet I adore our friends Red Heart the Ticker, I am transfixed by Bonnie Raitt whenever I see her perform, Pat bought me the Oh, Brother Where Art Thou CD and I have played it a gazillion times. But I’ll go more than a year never listening to any of it, and I won’t add anything to my iPod or my CD collection unless Pat thinks I might like it and buys it for me (or unless I happen to meet a singer-songwriter genius like Robin, a once-in-the-lifetime experience for this introverted shut-in). Why?? I’ll never know.


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