8 thoughts on “still: 23/365

  1. Me too. I am trying to sit quietly for moments during the day, let feeling flow in and through, and let the internal and external chatter ease. I was naturally good at this before a series of external events made that state a more difficult place for me to enter.


    • Katherine, I’m not surprised that you’re good at this. You seem calm to me. And I’m sorry about the external events.

      As for myself, except for during a spa visit, I’ve never even thought about doing this. But this morning I did it naturally, trying to discover what I was going to write about today. That’s when I realized how rare it was.


  2. You know, I kept oscillating—photo?…painting…photo?…painting. SO unusual!

    And, you know, I think the only time I sit still and do nothing is when I CAN’T do anything…typically sick or sleeping. Of course, when I used to go to the beach, I was there for that purpose, but I could only just “ly there” for so long. I had no trouble at all, though, watching and listening to the waves. Oh, I miss the beach!…A related aside: my boyfriend (who tends to be idle!) says I’m almost always in motion, even if it’s just my fingers racing across a keyboard. He also says he feels bad for all my belongings ’cause I’m always dropping them (often from not giving full attention to things while I’m in motion). He imagines them screaming “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh…” on their way to the floor 😉


    • It’s a photo, Donna. Taken from my iphone if you can believe it. No filters. And that’s usually me too, always doing something unless I’m sick or sleeping or too tired. But I’m going to try to sit still more often–to see what surfaces.


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