14 thoughts on “office supply freak: 20/365

  1. There you go again, sister from another mister! lol I’ve had a thing for ANYthing I can write or draw with or on since I was a young kid in grammar school and I’ve never changed. I literally have Staples in my garage (we don’t use our garage for a car, and I just realized THIS is a way I’m a saver, not just a user) and a wealth of supplies in every spot in the house I would need them. You know how some women get all giddy over clothes and jewelry? Well, my 3 favorite stores are (in no specific order): Barnes & Noble (or ANY bookstore or library), Staples and Dick Blick’s (though that used to be Pearl Paint). Yep 😀


  2. My best friend and I give each other fun office supplies for our birthdays. There is such promise in a fresh, color-coded pack of stickies! I dream of a kind of organized thinking that has always eluded me. With the little clips, stickies and a fresh notebook, I feel for a few minutes as though I can conquer the world. Or at least write a coherent paragraph.

    In other news, I have been reading your wonderful blog for a long time now. The “Catching Days” pieces are always inspiring to me. This most recent project — the 365 days — is special in an entirely different way. I thought about it today as I took my Sunday walk and then, wonder of wonders, came home to see that you had checked in at my blog and left some very nice words. It was nice to know that somehow we were on a common wavelength, at least for a little while. Here is what I was telling you in my mind as I trudged along: your decision to be more revelatory and to write more quickly, honestly, and freely, and then to give yourself a way to practice this every day is genius. Not to mention brave and, frankly, fun to read. After many of the posts I’ve read so far, I want to say ‘You too?” More importantly, however, this project is taking you to places you obviously know you want and need to go as a writer. I have often felt locked in a safe room of my own devising and from there, it is hard to cut loose, to experiment, and to be as fully open and honest as I need to be to write the way I want to write. As we near the later part of our fifties (I am two years older than you), this all seems crazy. If not now, when? Your work is a lantern for me here. Thank you. PS And yes, I go by Betsy so feel free to call me that.


    • I do think the promise inherent in a new notebook is part of the attraction, and also, with my perfection issues, why I have such trouble actually using the notebooks…

      Betsy, I don’t know how to thank you for this wonderful comment. I’ve read it over several times and waited to respond until I could sit down and concentrate on your words. Which mean so much to me.

      Yes, how cool that we had each other in our thoughts at the same time yesterday–on a common wavelength as you said. And I was so excited to read on your blog that your first novel will be coming out next year–yay!

      Thank you for the thoughts you were sending my way–I’ve printed them out for those moments (that are occurring) when I question what I’m doing here with this project.

      And yes, again. If not now, when?


  3. Oh yes! I am not a big shopper, unless we’re talking books and office supplies. I have a serious pen passion. I miss the old stationary stores where I got to sample on the pens, how they felt in my hand, their glide on the page, the fineness of line. And writing paper, narrow lined, beautiful books and utilitarian scribble pads–there were so many choices! And yes, I agree, a new writing pad is all promise. A place to take our voice and give it free reign!
    So enjoying following this new journey: 365!


  4. First, a huge “what she said” in reply to Elizabeth Marro’s comment. I’m not reading most of the comments as I catch up on these posts, but hers caught my eye and I’m so glad I read it. Second, I have been addicted to office supplies since morning one of first grade, when my mother packed me a little bag with thick green pencils and a tablet of fat-lined paper. Each new school year I would go into pleasure-overload when I smoothed my fingers over slick notebook covers and lovingly wrapped my text books in the Sunday comics. And oh, those ink pens. Remember white-out?

    Being a saver, not a user + Being addicted to office supplies = Too many crammed shelves and desk drawers. But I don’t care. My love for paisley’d folders and bright purple ink pens and soft-covered blank books runs too deep. All hail neon post-its.


    • I do remember we shared the office supply thing. And I do remember white-out…I might still have some. I loved Betsy’s comment too. And yes, I did the same mathematical equation and came up with the same result–too many crammed shelves and drawers. Your you-don’t-care attitude gives me courage to go forth enjoying, rather than trying to find a way to reduce, all my pads and pens and journals and folders and sticky notes that I do so love. At least it’s not Manolo Blahnik shoes.


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