travel: 8/365

IMG_3786It’s a travel day. I’m headed home to Georgia from my writing week in Provincetown. And I enjoy these days. I adore airports. I like all the activity. It’s surprising that some people can get on a plane with only a small purse. I can’t imagine going somewhere without several books, my computer, the chargers, some notepads, a candy bar. My small black carry-on has two outside pockets and one contains a whole pocket of pens and pencils, and the other, the moisturizers.

I like the feeling of moving around the world–I can visualize the little dots showing my trajectory from place to place. My mother likes to say, where in the world is Cindy? I like being mobile. I always have. The first flight I remember: I was ten and my other grandmother, Buddy, was taking me to Europe on one of those tours–21 countries in 21 days.

Recently I’ve noticed just how much I like taking off–the picking up speed down the runway and then…airborne.

Hmmm… if I hadn’t already said my favorite day was staying in my pajamas, I’d be tempted to write here that my favorite day is a travel day. Curious. One day full of not moving, the other full of movement. The whole family/self two-halves-of-a-whole thing is over there in the corner, jumping up and down waving a flag.

I might be on to something. We’ll be talking more about this.


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16 thoughts on “travel: 8/365

  1. You have a great attitude about travel. I so enjoy these daily posts. I feel like I’m getting to know a new friend. Your post on time alone versus time with people was wonderful- that push/ pull is always there. Once I was “stranded” in Florida when my husband got home to NYC just before hurricane Sandy. There I was, alone at last with notebooks, computer, empty house, silence, and I couldn’t write a thing!


  2. I think I am the same. LOVE days to myself, LOVE days of travel. I particularly like the unexpectedness of travel… love seeing what is the something new I will find – it could be anything—a mother with a child on the plane, a new view from the sky, a weird new song overheard, whatever—I think with travel there is always something you’re leaving and something you’re going to and it feels wonderful to be DOING it. Best, and am enjoying reading, Megan


  3. Yes, I’m seeing that flag, too.

    Funny, I fear flying and have outlawed it for the foreseeable future, but I absolutely love being in an airport, too. The getting there, the getting away from it–ick. But being in the airport itself is a kind of heaven. I think it’s the limbo that’s so satisfying. There is absolutely no pressure whatsoever to do anything at all for a chunk of time. During that time I need only respond to my own personal needs and whims. And that’s it. I can’t accomplish anything, I can’t be expected to do anything at all, much less do something right. I just have to be. In fact I can’t do anything BUT be. And that’s what I love about it. The buzz-buzz-buzz of the continuous present.


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