rules: 2/365

Immediately after I published the post yesterday, I wondered what the rules were.


Yes, rules. Like, alternating between a serious true thing and a non-serious true thing, or underlining the true thing in the post, or not writing posts ahead of time.

No rules.

No rules?

There’s only the thing itself. One true thing each day.

Just the thing itself?


I guess I do kind of like rules.

It’s not so much that you like them as that you follow them.



 365 true things about me

14 thoughts on “rules: 2/365

    • Katharine, it’s so nice to know you’ve been enjoying the How We Spend Our Days series. And thanks for your vote of confidence in my new project : ) I look forward to visiting your site and reading your words as well.


    • I agree, Helena, though of course it’s not a rule : ) Yesterday the few times I began to think about today’s post, I instinctively resisted, as if no no it won’t work if I think too much about it. And then this morning, something I haven’t done in I don’t know when, maybe ever–I reached for my computer before I was even out of the bed. I wanted to see what I would write.


  1. Your blog is what you make it. So you can make and break the rules. Personally, I prefer your posts that don’t fit any category and share a bit about you, like the one you posted yesterday. I understand the challenge since I’m also a private person who likes some structure in my self-imposed creative time. I also limit blogging to weekly so it doesn’t take too much time from novel writing. It’s not so much posting but reciprocal blog visits and commenting takes time and also adds value to the experience.


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  4. Your love of rules is part of what makes you wonderful. Your instinctive wish to break them–that, too. I relied on both aspects of your personality when we were colleagues. So long live the rule follower AND the rule breaker.


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