I missed it

bookmark by Donna!

bookmark by Donna!

I knew Shakespeare was born in April, but on his birthday, I was focused on revising my novel…

I’m really good at focusing–that’s how I made it through law school despite having a baby my first year. I’m really good at shutting everything out to get something done, often to the detriment of seeing what’s around me. It’s like some kind of reverse ADD.

April 23rd was Shakespeare’s 450th birthday. Back on July 1 when I began my Shakespeare days, I didn’t know that 2014 would mark such a milestone for the Bard. But once I did know, I had planned to write about it. So far this year, I’ve seen three plays and will see two more before the end of May. I’m reading my ninth play.

Forgetting Shakespeare’s birthday is a small, unimportant example, but it has started me thinking… I need to remember to look up.

storm clouds


14 thoughts on “I missed it

  1. How remiss, Cynthia. I mean REALLY! 😉 I’m not sure Will is going to look too kindly upon this oversight, regardless of all the homage you’ve paid since July 1st (wow, that long?! Time flies!) And it took me a sec to recognize the image! lol I can be so dense!

    And looking up is a wonderful thing 🙂


  2. I think the Bard would understand. Writing is the best way to remember him. I love your cloud photo and appreciate the message. I shall keep this in mind as I dive back into revisions.


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