brattleboro literary festival: before

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The Book Garden
Charlotte Mecklenburg Library
Davidson, NC

The Brattleboro Literary Festival–named one of the top five upcoming writing and literary festivals by the Writer’s Circle–starts this coming Thursday–October 3rd in New England-y Brattleboro, Vermont. And…

I will be on a panel to celebrate building communities of readers and writers!

Jodi Paloni will be the moderator. The other panelists will be David Abrams and Erika Anderson. Our panel will be Sunday afternoon at 12:15 until 1:30. Come ask us a question! Spend the day. Or better yet, spend the weekend. What could be better–Vermont, October, reading and writing.

Several of the writers who will be there have been featured in the How We Spend Our Days series here:  Christopher Castellani, Pam HoustonChristine Schutt, and Alexis Smith.

One event I’m particularly looking forward to is the Literary Death Match–with readers Pam Houston, Chris Castellani, Roxana Robinson, and Rigoberto Gonzales–judged by Tom Bodett, among others.

Fall is my favorite season; New England, my favorite area of the country–I have a special category just for leaves over on the right sideboard.

Join us!


13 thoughts on “brattleboro literary festival: before

  1. Can’t wait to see you and everyone else!!! Remember when leaves also referred to pages of a book, as in leaves of a book? And also, the saying, Take a leaf out of her book. I look forward to seeing what photos come out of the weekend.


    • Thanks, Carolyn! And my Shakespeare book came yesterday–only had time to read three pages before going out of town this morning. It was so good I had to order the Kindle version so I could keep reading while traveling! LOL!


    • It’s taking the idea of a poetry slam and using prose instead. So, yes, it’s basically a special reading with a very glamorous MC and authors are “judged” for literary merit, use of language and performance, as in “read aloud” performance. It’s all in good fun. It brings people out. When we had it last year for the first time the place was packed. Authors laugh and jokes fly and everybody is entertain. The best part about if for authors is that they get publicity for their work. And that’s a good thing. It’s become a “thing” all over the world now. Quite popular.


  2. Loved what you had to say at the panel, Cynthia, and sorry to have slipped out halfway thought…kids to get back to. I also greatly enjoyed sitting next to your pal Pam. She’s quite the woman. ~R


    • Thanks so much, Robin! And thanks for coming to the panel–glad you got to sit with Pam : ) It was great to see you. Loved reading the story on your blog about Sophie Cabot Black–amazing.


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