ragdale: parting shots

Several readers have asked if I had any other photos of Ragdale, especially of my room or of the prairie. So on the last day of the month in which I spent two amazing weeks in residency at Ragdale, I wanted to share a few more photos. And if you have any questions about Ragdale, fire away in the comments. Click on any photo to see it larger and to activate the manual slideshow. (WordPress changed the automatic slideshow option and so far I can’t find it.)

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artist in residence
stepping away from the desk
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March 2012

6 thoughts on “ragdale: parting shots

  1. These photos are stunning and will inspire many readers to apply and attend this magical place. And I must know. Is that a slice from a Meyer lemon in the glass on your desk? I could smell Meyer lemon.


  2. Jodi, my Meyer lemon tree is bursting with fruit. Would you like me to send you some? C, Is there a certain time of year to apply? Is summer an option? Is it reasonably priced? And how cold was it? I turn blue in cold weather.

    Photos are stunning.


  3. Love this conversation : ) And yes, Jodi, a Meyer lemon. Bought another bag of them yesterday. Darrelyn, January 15th is the next application deadline, and that’s for the summer residencies when it will be nice and warm (so yes, summer is an option). It was cold when I was there the first two weeks of November and I loved every second of it. The temperature also got up to 60 two days, which I didn’t like as much–I’m a North-easterner at heart. Very reasonably priced–$35 a day for room, board, and community/moral support.


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