different ways of seeing: the cottage

One of the things I’m learning from my photo journal and from writing is how many different ways there are of seeing a thing.

Seeing comes before words. –John Berger Ways of Seeing

From inside:

From outside:

Through a stormy day:

Through a sunny day:

By color:


From across the street:

From across the highway:

From the ocean:

From the clothesline:

From my desk:

From the sofa:

From the bedroom:

One at a time:

All in a row:

From what others leave behind:

I’d like to know what you see.

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17 thoughts on “different ways of seeing: the cottage

  1. I see memories. I see a history of fun. I see a temporary place to call home. I see breathing a bit easier. I see the reason for anticipation and excitement. Totally cool journal. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I’m not sure I could write in such a gorgeous setting. I’d just stare out the window in awe or take a long walk/swim. Lovely images! I especially the view from your desk and abstract swabs of color. I’m sure your writing will be beautifully inspired.


  3. Sarah, I’m glad you brought up the issue of where we write. I actually write better when I have a wide open view–particularly of the ocean. Or it feels as if I do. It seems to take me out of myself somehow.


  4. This is lovely Cynthia – just popped back in here, home from travels in Spain – great to drop by and see the word John Berger rise up from the screen, love his books and thoughts on the way we see and your series of photos inspired by his words are very interesting. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks


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