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I don’t keep (as in maintain) a journal. I do have a journal–actually I have lots of gorgeous journals (all blank)–but I do keep (as in hold in a given place) a journal in my purse and occasionally I write things in it. What I find that I do more often, though–especially now that the iPhone takes such amazing photos–is take pictures.

Which means that often when I want to write about something here, I start with my photos. What did I take a picture of–and why?

I began this site in September of 2008 and I’ve written at least once about how I chose the photo at the top and the Annie Dillard quote. I had bicycled by the Days’ Cottages in 2006, 2007, 2009, but never stayed in them. They are outside of Provincetown, and my visits to the area always had to do with P-town.

The first week in June, I headed north to stay in these cottages, and over the next couple of months, I’ll be periodically posting about the six days I spent in my little cottage.

I also have lots to say about all the great books I’ve been reading (yes!)–not a bad one in the bunch. Is this because I’m tossing the ones that don’t grab me instead of finishing them? Interesting….

So pull up a chair and get comfortable : )

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  1. I love the Annie Dillard quote. I actually used it today in a post about change… My family is moving to Chile and I have one week left here in Seattle. I want to savor every day.


  2. This must be the summer for good book days. Everything I’ve picked up to read this summer has given me such joy! I haven’t read for pleasure like this in a long, long while. Recent reads: When Women Were Birds, by Terry Tempest Williams; Wild, by Cheryl Strayed; You Can Create An Exceptional Life, by Cheryl Richardson and Louise Hay.

    Through reading, I realize how much I need to fill my own well with excellent published works so I can dip in to satisfy what my writers (whom I edit) need to and are ready to hear. Enjoy your summer, Cynthia!


  3. Hi Debra! Just finished When Women Were Birds last night, and I read Wild back in March and loved it. I also feel as if I’m in a well-filling up stage. And I haven’t read for pleasure like this in a long time either–maybe it’s something in the air. Great to hear from you. Enjoy your summer!


  4. I was never a photographer, so it’s weird to think of keeping a photo journal, but perhaps writing has led me there. And it now feels as if photography and writing are each encouraging the other to see more.


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