from the airport

I am mid-journey.

On my way home from Montpelier, Vermont and the successful completion of  a two-year low-residency MFA program at Vermont College of Fine Arts. This last residency went by so fast–it’s hard to believe it’s over.

Both my lecture and reading were on January 1st. And graduation was yesterday.

This morning, breakfast at the Skinny Pancake. Then a drive to Burlington and a flight to JFK. Now waiting to board a flight to Atlanta. Then I’ll have an hour and a half drive to Columbus.

As many of you know, I love traveling and airports. Today, especially, it’s nice to have all these hours in transit to mark the transition.

16 thoughts on “from the airport

  1. Congratulations on your graduation! Have a safe trip home and best wishes to you as you move on from this transition and onto a new journey.


  2. Andrea, thanks so much. It’s nice to hear from you again! Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond, but if you can believe it, it took me until Thursday to get unpacked!


  3. Thanks, Lisa. I still have piles everywhere I look, but I have managed to cross a few things off my list, like new shades ordered for the bedroom! By the way, loved what you pulled out of Cheryl’s post below to comment on. Today, I was at my desk all day working on my ms, then went to take a bath. Creative fireworks : )


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