outside my window-october 28

Matisse wrote, “To paint an autumn landscape I will not try to remember what colors suit this season, I will be inspired only by the sensation that the season arouses in me: the icy purity of the sour blue sky will express the season just as well as the nuances of foliage.” I’m not sure I agree, Henri. At least not today, standing at my desk with the bold scarlets to my right.

When I was cleaning out my study, I rediscovered this journal written in 1906 by the English naturalist, Edith Holden, who drowned in the Thames in 1920, at the age of 49. I have the French version, and I wish I’d written in the book when and where I found it.

6 thoughts on “outside my window-october 28

  1. Such a lovely cover. Good idea to pencil in that information.

    Thinking of you today (and talking about you, too) at the Louisiana Book Festival in Baton Rouge when a lovely woman, also in your MFA program, sat beside me.


  2. Yes, it’s a small world. And I suspect I know just who you were sitting with : )

    Not only is the cover lovely but the inside pages are too–like seeing inside someone’s journal.


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