take a look

Although I love the way Catching Days looks on the computer, I love love love the way it looks on an iPad. If you have one (or the next time you see somebody using one, borrow it for a second), take a look.

It’s kind of weird that the blog looks different depending on what you’re looking at it. Maybe it’s like the difference between paperback and hardback. What do you think?

8 thoughts on “take a look

  1. Your blog looks great in those photos Cynthia. Two things:
    1- Just checked out the link to Thematically Fickle- brilliant, acerbic, real and funny
    2-Been thinking a lot about the identity question, will be getting back to you soon!
    Bien à toi,


  2. I never thought of doing this. I don’t have any electronic reading devices, but my wife has an iPad. I looked at it when she downloaded some of my books to it, because I was curious to see what they might look like in that form. Odd. But I didn’t think of looking at my blog on it. Soon as she comes home … .


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