new york march 2011

In New York last weekend, Cal and I saw Memphis, the 2010 Tony Award Winner for Best Musical. It was GREAT!

Saturday, we ate breakfast outside (despite the cold weather) at Sarabeth’s on the park.

At The Museum of Modern Art, we saw:

  • Picasso Guitars 1912-1914,
  • Andy Warhol Motion Pictures–12 or 14 giant screens, showing facial close-ups,
  • and an exhibit on Abstract Expressionist New York, featuring Jackson Pollack.

In striking contrast to Picasso’s assurance was Pollack’s self-doubt. About the metal sculpture Picasso made of a guitar, people asked, “What is it, painting or sculpture?” Picasso answered, “It’s nothing, it’s el guitare!” On the other hand, “once, after completing a new piece, Pollack asked his wife, Lee Krasner, ‘Is this a painting?'”

Saturday night was the revival of Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia, which I was glad to see but which was somewhat tedious, both in dialogue and acting. Also, the actors whose performances I enjoyed most were the ones with whom the critics found the most fault.

Sunday was a 3-hour walk from Times Square to Soho and then brunch at Commerce, a wonderful little restaurant tucked into a residential neighborhood in Greenwich Village, large murals by David Joel. I highly recommend the doughnuts.

Monday morning was a blur of rain and umbrellas as I headed for the airport, full of inspiration and good food.

Tied with Memphis for my favorite part of the trip was seeing Picasso’s obsession with guitars and seeing how each expression was different from, and fed on or off of, the others. A digital version of his sketchbook was available.

Chad Kimball sings “Memphis Lives in Me:”

6 thoughts on “new york march 2011

  1. It sounds like a great trip! That’s too bad about the Stopard play but it had gotten mixed reviews. I hope the Picasso show and the Abstract Expressionists are still up in mid April when I go back to NYC with the kids. Thanks for all the recommendations!


    • It did get mixed reviews, but we bought our tickets before it opened and saw it the Saturday night after its Thursday opening. And still glad to have seen it. I hope the Picasso guitars are still up too–amazing. I look forward to reading about your trip.


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