Pine trees that are all wiry and taller than the other trees so they stick out, different textures coming together, abandoned things and places, stairs and thresholds, rainy days and fog, sunrises and sunsets, doors and windows, trains and tracks, lines of laundry, row houses, fall leaves, a full moon, the ocean…

What’s on your list?

9 thoughts on “obsessions

  1. Lost shopping lists, the history of objects, the singular way that we each make sandwiches, the sudden blue and ink black of a Breton storm sky, the creamy green of the sea, flat landscapes, kid’s philosophy, meetings between strangers, always travelling, then packing and travelling some more, reading and writing, rereading and writing, quiet early mornings, dancing in discos, endless cups of green tea with darling friends, how our bodies move and what they convey in the language of muscle, skin and bone.


  2. Snow heavy tree limbs, the colors of the ocean that reveal the depths below, low cloud ceilings, baby profiles, book spines, knotty tree bark, hyacinths that always remind me of T S Elliot’s girl in The Wasteland, and wind in trees reminding me that we don’t always see what’s there…


  3. Twisting tree limbs, roots, texture covered rocks, tiny brilliant colored lichens, snow drifting in swirls, rusty train wheels (sight and sound of), railway tracks, tunnels, well- used paint palettes, root vegetables freshly pulled from the earth, flowers: in every shape form and size, the smell of a freshly cracked book, storms…


    • Oh, Holly, I love storms too. And cloudy days. And railway tracks. And also the sound of a far-off train whistle…

      Some of these I could have guessed from your paintings. Still enjoying my note cards. What a great idea.


  4. Jane Friedman noted this post today in her There Are No Rules blog. So after reading this I came up with my obsessions. Thanks for posting:

    Red sunset skies, boxes full of old and unknown things,
    other people’s letters,
    holding my husband’s hand in bed,
    driving on back roads, natural green things,
    sinking into the words of a book and into its story too,
    surprising color vibrancy, old-world script fonts,
    having conversations with toddlers, having kind and slow conversations with elderly people who talk and listen,
    scones with lavender, cardamom,
    the whipping wind before a heavy rain


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