leaving montpelier

So for the last ten days, I’ve been in Montpelier, Vermont, at my third residency at the Vermont College of Fine Arts. More about those ten days later.

Yesterday evening around five, Jodi, Jenna, and I left Montpelier in the middle of a snow storm–the Hartford Sheraton our destination.

Not so fast. In fact, not fast at all. Ice covered the interstate, and we crawled along at forty miles an hour. I placed a 911 call to report a single car into an embankment. Then two more accidents. We would have done better on skates.

We gave up around Brattleboro, where we slid off the interstate for a steak dinner and to reassess. Jodi lives in nearby Marlboro, and she suggested we stay the night there at The Whetstone Inn. She called her friend Jean, who welcomed us into her 220-year-old inn around nine last night. We shuffled in the front door through five inches of newly fallen snow.

After standing outside in the snowy silence trying to get a cell phone signal to let my husband know where I was, I settled into my twin bed with the latest issue of Hunger Mountain.

My flight is boarding. More to follow…

10 thoughts on “leaving montpelier

    • Linda, thanks for your comment. Sorry to be so behind in responding. It’s like I just have to keep going forward and can never catch up with what I’m behind on.

      As far as the snow, I loved every minute of it. And it was lusciously beautiful. The ice on the road, however, was not fun : )


  1. One of my sons almost went to Marlboro College! He instead committed to Hampshire in Amherst MA, and has been sad about the lack of winter there this year… Ha! Surprise when he gets back!

    Hope you made it home okay. Rest assured, someone will enjoy that snow down the road…


    • Hi Nina, apologies to you as well for the belated response. Our driver, Jodi (see below), pointed out Marlboro College as we went by! (I love all our connections, and it all started so long ago and in Vermont.) I can understand your son being disappointed in a lack of winter; I usually am as well, but boy do we have one now. And I did make it home without any delays.


  2. Cynthia was like a fresh air kid, I swear: skipping around, taking videos of plow trucks, and exclaiming, “This is unbelievable!” She actually filmed me shoveling the walk.


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