the last day

Well, it’s Saturday, the last day the ten of us will be together at Pam Houston‘s ranch in Creede, Colorado. Lots of reading and little extra time. Our next meeting will be seven days instead of six.

I’m up early to finish reading manuscripts. Two stories this morning then a phone conference on two stories this afternoon. Last night, after Greg and Tina opened on electric guitars, Pam read the amazing end of the book she’s just finished. We’ve been hearing sections for a while, but no one had heard the end. Wow. Now the waiting until we can hold the book in our hands and read it over and over again.

It was a quick week. Welcome dinner Monday night. Two manuscripts on Tuesday with a talk on language–the beauty of sentences–that afternoon by Greg Glazner. Then back for the best salmon I’ve ever tasted. Tuesday, three novel excerpts, then that evening, a reading by Summer Wood from her soon-to-be published novel Wrecker, as well as a reading by Greg from his book in progress.

Thursday we left papers behind and hiked in Phoenix Park up to the waterfall. It was a stunningly beautiful day with a bright blue sky and shimmering aspens everywhere–quakies. Lunch outside at Kip’s. And then the Saints game–party courtesy of our New Orleans writer, Karen, including seven-layer dip, a jersey, and a particularly good photo of Jeremy Shockey.

Yesterday, four stories, a pasture walk, and then a novel excerpt bring us to our wonderful evening last night. After today’s work, it will be dinner and a play in town.

I’ll be up at 5:30 in the morning for my drive back to real life.

22 thoughts on “the last day

  1. This sounds amazing. I have spent the week alone in my house, with just myself and my crazy ideas about art, love, and mothering. I’ve been writing. I’ve eaten popcorn and raw green beans, cheese and crackers, and boiled eggs. No dishes.
    It has been an inward journey, much needed.

    Your week sounds full and luscious. Can’t ait to read more!


  2. I’m heading out for a workshop on Monday. I’m a little anxious to leave, but I know everything will be wonderful once I’m there.

    Thank you for sharing this. It lessened my nerves seeing your pictures and reading about your experiences.


  3. Thanks so much to everyone for their helpful comments today. It was wonderful to hear everyone’s voices, but not a very good substitute for being there in person.
    Thanks to you for the photos and the updates.
    And, I REALLY hope the play was better than the Virginia Wolfe opera in Berekeley! Safe travels home.


  4. I enjoyed every word of this post and wished I were there. I didn’t think it could get any better as I scrolled down the page. But then you mentioned that everyone gathered to watch my beloved Saints, and it did get better. To top it off, they won their season opener. Go Cynthia, and go Saints. 🙂


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