odd disjointed pieces at strange times of the day

signed in 2000 at Oxford Square Books in Oxford, MS

“There was one last book to write and the summer to be lived through. She worked on the book in a desultory manner, writing odd disjointed pieces at strange times of the day, dating them like journal entries, although they had nothing to do with the days on which they were written. They were pieces of the past, a history of obsessions…”

from The Anna Papers

As I was flipping through the book this morning–reading words here and there–this passage stopped me. This is exactly the way I’ve been writing fiction lately–“odd disjointed pieces at strange times of the day” and dating them because I’m not yet sure how they fit together.

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9 thoughts on “odd disjointed pieces at strange times of the day

  1. That is PRECISELY how I’ve been writing all summer. I have all these ideas, but not enough threads to string them together, so it all winds up sporadic and I don’t know how to make sense of them all!


  2. Miss Rosemary, welcome to Catching Days. I’m actually thinking of putting up a clothesline in my study so I can hang them in a row. Today I’ve been working on making sense of a few of mine and wow it’s a very cool process seeing what comes out of putting two together. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I hope you’ll be back.


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